The Ragamuffin Project

Qualified, registered and accredited Arts Therapists working with Statutory and Voluntary Sector organizations in the UK, Cambodia, Russia and Peru.


Everybody hurts…

"The application of Creative Arts Therapy is as broad as is human suffering. The creative gift is a healing gift - a natural and gentle way of restoring broken hearts and shattered minds. Our confidence in Arts Therapy is based on its universality. To be human is to be creative. The Arts form an essential element of our experience. People all over the world tell stories, dance and act, sing and draw. Arts Therapy combines this innate capacity for creative expression with a variety of psychological theoretical models from around the world. Science meets Art to produce an effective therapeutic treatment that is accessible to all." (Kit Loring)

Mission Statement

The Ragamuffin Project is committed to the relief of emotional pain and psychological damage in children and adults. We work together with those who bring such relief to people who suffer around the world.

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Artist: Caroline Essame

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